Digital Asset Custody

Crypto exchanges require a secure wallet infrastructure for safety and ease of operations. Secure your cash flow with our digital asset custody and settle transactions instantly.

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Keep your digital assets in a secure and easy-to-manage custody system!

Trust Your Digital Assets to a Secure Custody System

The security of your digital assets is fundamental as you transact high volume at your exchange. Our bank-grade security ensures all your digital assets are safe in our custody. Trust your digital assets to a custody system with the highest security encryption possible!

Manage Your Assets Easily with Our Efficient Asset Management

Managing your multiple digital assets is no longer a costly headache. With our efficient digital asset system, you can facilitate asset transfers without stress and at reduced costs. Enjoy an efficient digital asset management system with Flincap!

Why Use Our Digital Asset Custody?

Multiple Assets and Wallets Supported

Our payment APIs are designed to allow easy integration, even if you know almost nothing about coding. With minimal coding, you can integrate your payment APIs into your processes. Whether you sell on a web app, social media, or other platforms, you can integrate our APIs without stress!

Lower Transaction Fees

Are you tired of trading at a loss with platforms that cut your profit down with exorbitant transaction fees? Maximize your profit margin with a platform that offers the most business-friendly transaction fees.

Seamless Integration

With Flincap, you can explore a world of unlimited financial interactions without compromising your security. Our simplified and fast processes allow you to access multiple tokens and blockchain protocols.

AML and KYC-compliant

Your money never has to hang when you send money across African borders. Our cross-border payment system has bank-grade security to protect you from potential attacks. Do high-volume transactions across Africa without fear!