Payment APIs for
Crypto OTC Desks

Receiving payments globally can be as simple as copying a link. Our payment APIs simplify transaction management and offer seamless integration for processing payments globally.

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Integrate payments anywhere in Africa with our well-documented APIs!

Accept Payments with Minimal Coding

Our whitelabel crypto exchange allows you to build your exchange without starting from scratch. All you need is your brand name and logo; we will handle the other technicalities. Scale your P2P crypto trading brand to new heights with your own crypto exchange!

Manage Your Online Transactions Easily

Receiving payments from different channels can make it difficult to manage your business’ finances at the end of the day. Our payment APIs can make it easier to manage your transactions as they will all be from one channel. Track all your online transactions with ease using our payment APIs.

Why Use Our Payment APIs?

Minimal Coding Integration

Our payment APIs are designed to allow easy integration, even if you know almost nothing about coding. With minimal coding, you can integrate your payment APIs into your processes. Whether you sell on a web app, social media, or other platforms, you can integrate our APIs without stress!

Detailed Data Insights

Keep track of all your financial transactions on our dashboard when you use our payment APIs. You don’t have to worry about losing the details of your transactions. Make informed decisions about your business with our detailed data insights.

Fast Transaction Speed

Experience seamless transactions without long wait times to receive payments. Save you and your customers the confusion of waiting hours to get payments. With our payment APIs, your customers will enjoy quick transaction speeds and a smooth user experience.

Maximum Security Levels

Our payment APIs are protected with state-of-the-art security measures to protect all your transactions. We ensure that your API is always secure for transactions. Never be afraid of potential attacks with our maximum security levels.