Cross-border Payment

Flincap processes cross-border payments across Africa faster and easier using stablecoins. Leverage our infrastructure for programmable, rapid payouts across several countries and currencies to cater to your global needs.

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Send money across Africa without hassle!

Send and Receive Money Across Africa with Ease

Flincap has made it easy for you to send and receive money wherever you may be in Africa. Our cross-border stablecoins payments allow you to send and receive payments without worrying about conversions and rates.

Experience a True Borderless Payment System

Flincap is using stablecoins to fix cross-border payments across Africa! You don’t have to search for matching agents when sending money across countries and currencies. We have created all the connections you need. With our borderless system, your fintech or B2B can carry out all transactions in one place.

Why Use Our Cross-Border Payment System?

Simplified Transaction Processes

Sending or receiving money across borders can be complicated with several intermediaries. However, with Flincap, you never have to worry about understanding the whole science behind the process. We have designed a system to help you send or receive money without any hassle!

Lightning-Fast Transactions

You never have to wait days and hours before accessing the funds sent to you again. At Flincap, our high-speed systems have enabled lightning-fast transactions for users across Africa. Experience a world of quick and efficient payments with Flincap!

Fair Transfer Fees

Say no to exorbitant transfer fees because you send money outside your country. With Flincap, you can enjoy reasonable transfer fees when sending or receiving money from anywhere in Africa.

Secure Payment System

Your money never has to hang when you send money across African borders. Our cross-border payment system has bank-grade security to protect you from potential attacks. Do high-volume transactions across Africa without fear!