Whitelabel Crypto Exchange

Building an online crypto exchange can be expensive and stressful, requiring extensive technical know-how. Our whitelabel crypto exchange enables traders to own an exchange without stress in no time.

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Own an Exchange Without Any Technical Knowledge or Stress!

Build Your Crypto Exchange with Ease!

Our whitelabel crypto exchange allows you to build your exchange without starting from scratch. All you need is your brand name and logo; we will handle the other technicalities. Scale your P2P crypto trading brand to new heights with your own crypto exchange!

Automate your Trading Processes!

With Flincap, you never have to lose out on deals again just because you were asleep or unavailable! Our whitelabel exchange is designed to help you automate your trading processes so you can trade even when you are asleep.

Why Use Our Whitelabel Exchange Infrastructure?

Easy Setup

Setting up your exchange on Flincap is as simple as three clicks of a button. Your personalized exchange can be ready in minutes. Start your trading journey with ease using Flincap!

Automated Features

Trading manually is a full-time job that can chip away at your health. With Flincap, customers can continue to trade on your exchange without your input. All you have to do is set your rates and go!

Lower Technical Costs

Building a personalized crypto exchange from scratch can be costly. With Flincap, you can save on all those technical costs. You don’t have to wait on funds to build your exchange anymore!

Launch Now

Are you tired of delaying your dreams of building a crypto exchange till tomorrow? Don’t wait until your customers start looking for more reliable alternatives! Launch your exchange powered by Flincap today!